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This car was originally sold as a new leftover in February of 1972 by Clift Chrysler/Plymouth in Knoxville Tennessee - The base price was $3,547.00 

- Options such as the "Fury Summer Package" (air conditioning) which cost $678.00 and an upgrade to the 360 CID engine (cost $46.00) brought the purchase price up to $4,271.00

- It came from the factory with a 2 barrel carburetor which was changed before I purchased the car to a four barrel carb on an aluminum intake manifold.

- The car is built on a uni-body chassis and has front torsion bar suspension.

- The car weighs in at 3,750 lbs.

- The Motorola radio and handset were purchased on E Bay, the auxilliary speedometer was originally in a NYPD Highway Patrol car that overturned during a chase on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn NY and the siren was purchased from